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and so in closing…

This is the final post to blogging about this season of our lives on this site.

I now have a new-found appreciation for weekends in town and months where I’m not spending 3/4ths of the month planning for a drive across the state… and carrots to lessen pain and distract.

We feel extremely grateful to have been on this journey… during the bumps, during the uncertainty, and during the photographs and the memories.

Later this month (hopefully next week) when we go to the courthouse we are not just simply signing a piece of paper and saying words before a judge.

We are committing to forever:

nurture big brother and little sister’s unique gifts,

kiss their boo-boos, put cream on their bug bites, and clean up the smelly messes that come with being sick,

listen to their ideas, give logical reasons instead of “because I said so”, and tell them “I love you” each day,

teach them life skills like budgeting (starting with a piggy bank), being grateful and content with what they have, and kindness.

Friends & Family – We could not have endured such a long journey without your prayers, texts, messages, and support.

When I began this blog I set out to share our story out loud in an effort to de-bunk misconceptions about the U.S. foster care system.

So with this last post, I challenge you with the words of William Wilberforce, “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”

How you choose to take what you’ve learned to view and treat others and/or open your home and expand your family is entirely up to you.

Until further notice, I will return to few-sentence-long posts on Facebook.

With hugs and much love,


published 8/3/2015

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