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Holy Wow (not a typo) folks!!! Bio dad signed papers today!!!!!!!! And oddly but necessary… I was asked to sign as a witness. Wasn’t expecting that and in case you’re wondering I had to list my address. Awkward. I was advised to use my work address.

So what’s next? Bio mom’s lawyer is going to ask bio mom to sign papers this week. Bio mom can (A) sign without a fight in hopes of possibly keeping the baby that is growing inside her once it’s born or (B) refuse and put up a fight. We learned today that Option B gets a little complicated as she’ll need to be taken to court by the state and put on trial. For the sake of timing and allowing the kids to move on we are earnestly praying for Route A.  Will you join us?
I tell you… today’s visit was attacked from all angles. In addition the sudden pink eye situation, my husband woke this morning to severe back/neck pain and I was super close to driving solo. Thank you everyone who answered my calls and texts during the wee hours this morning!! Big brother suggested we pray that Daddy could go with us and by the grace of God, the pain wasn’t removed but it was bearable enough for us all to make the trip together. Plus, the rain didn’t set us back on arriving on time.

Hooray for a good day!

published 5/9/2015

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