an additional May visit just got added…

We were anticipating May 9 being the “goodbye” visit. Upon arrival to today’s kiddo visit with bio dad we were told the goodbye can’t take place until after the judge hears the parental rights terminiation petitions. (Say that 5 times fast!) That hearing is May 22. We knew this sequence of events but mapping out the timing makes an additional visit necessary. (Can you hear our excitement?)

So… bio dad is going to throw a dual Bday party after all … on May 9.

Then… we were asked to look at a date in June as my husband and I literally cannot travel any Saturday in May besides the 9th. In an effort to get this over and done with (because seriously a June visit is just putting off what is going to happen and would also potentially mean bio mom being present and pregnant at the visit) and not delay formalizing the adoption we suggested a Sunday… Sunday the 24th is little sister’s bday so we definitely didn’t want to do that. Sunday the 31st it is! And it’s a 1-hour goodbye visit. Prayers appreciated for all involved.

Bio dad met with his lawyer at the start of today’s visit which means he was presented with the termination paperwork and that today’s visit got a 30 minute late start. Bio dad will sign the papers on May 9. To our surprise that didn’t add 30 minutes to the visit. Instead, we are hitting the road promptly at 3:00 and heading to Kansas City for an indoor waterpark and hotel where big brother and little sister are very eager to sleep in a bunk bed. Little sister is going to sleep on bottom for safety but big brother will share his top bunk for play time.

Icing good memories on top of this hilly journey!

published 4/18/2015



Published by MarcyBursac

Marcy Bursac has been a carhop on roller skates, a golf cart driver, a fundraiser for the underserved, and a computer programmer. But her childhood dream has always been to be a magnet maker. She and her husband reside in Missouri with their two brave children.

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