I avoid roller coasters.  The feeling of being tossed and turned – fast and upside-down – on a ride by choice is not something I enjoy.

Yet, I feel like this process is a figurative roller coaster that I just realized I’m on and I hope that when the ride is over I can take a deep breath and say, “That was a great ride with bumps and scary turns but boy am I glad I held on.”

Here’s the latest:

  • we should have a better grasp of the long-term plan for big brother and little sister in the next six months.
  • it is very likely that if adoption is the long-term plan that the case will go to the Court of Appeals and finalizing the adoption could get delayed another 1-2 years (in addition to the next six months).
  • my heart is raw.  As I sat with little sister and played Lite Brite tonight she knew the words to several of the songs on our Pandora station.  She was happy.  She cuddled and we both exchanged, “I love playing Lite Brite with you.”

None of us are promised tomorrow.  Even in cases of cancer diagnosis a six month life expectancy finds a miracle.

Love it worth it.

published 1/29/2015

Published by MarcyBursac

Marcy Bursac has been a carhop on roller skates, a golf cart driver, a fundraiser for the underserved, and a computer programmer. But her childhood dream has always been to be a magnet maker. She and her husband reside in Missouri with their two brave children.

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