songs of strength

Over the course of our journey, there have been highs and lows.

After the recent delay, I decided to compile a list of the songs that are strengthening our hope.

Joy of the Lord – Bethel Music & Jenn Johnson

Explode My Soul – Melissa Helser

Do Something – Matthew West

My God Is So Big – This one brings back memories of volunteering with friends on a mission trip to Moldova (eastern Europe).  We led a week of Bible camp and sung this song… in English and Romanian… it’s one of the deepest memories I have of knowing I was meant to adopt.

What songs would you add to the list?

published 1/18/2015

Published by MarcyBursac

Marcy is an adoptive mom of a sibling pair. Adoption was her Plan A. While remote schooling her children during the pandemic, Marcy felt compassion for the remaining 120,000 U.S. children who are waiting in foster care to be adopted. Wanting to share that foster care adoption is the most affordable way to adopt with a financial cost of $0-$2,500, she wrote a book and started a podcast both called "The Forgotten Adoption Option" to find more forever families.

2 thoughts on “songs of strength

  1. For those moments when you are feeling beaten down, try “Come As You Are” by Crowder. It’s fresh on my mind today, and reminds me that I’m welcome in the presence of God will all my flaws, all my doubts, and all my burdens. Just come.

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