firsts we’ve celebrated

We weren’t living together for first steps or first words.  So far, the firsts we have celebrated with little sister and big brother include…

  • first time learning what full feels like
  • first time drinking bubble tea
  • first time playing hot potato
  • first time spraying whipped cream by yourself
  • first time learning what marriage is, why people wear wedding rings, and what an anniversary is
  • first time hearing “Mary Did You Know?“, “Away In a Manager”, and the story of Jesus’ birthday
  • first time wrapping a present
  • first time getting a shirt off by yourself
  • first time having a hot fudge sundae from McDonald’s.  We were in the drive thru…

Me: Ou!  Do you know what McDonald’s has?

Little sister/Big brother: What?!

Me:  Hot fudge sundaes.

Big brother:  No thank you.

Me:  Seriously?  It’s ice cream with chocolate.

Big brother:  No thank you.

Little sister:  I’ll try it.

I ordered 2. (one for myself and one for the kids to share)  Guess who asked for more after dinner…

published 1/8/2015

Published by MarcyBursac

Marcy Bursac has been a carhop on roller skates, a golf cart driver, a fundraiser for the underserved, and a computer programmer. But her childhood dream has always been to be a magnet maker. She and her husband reside in Missouri with their two brave children.

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