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and the timeline increases…

Option A didn’t happen today.  But neither did option B.

Instead not enough evidence was found and a new meeting is set for Fri. Feb. 6, 2015.

At first, the communication was unclear and vague as to if the children were moving back with bio mom.  That stung.  That resulted in me in a lot of tears.  Then my husband and I reached out for support from dear friends who let us crash at their place, eat dinner, and process what could be going on.  I cried.  My husband expressed being angry and feelings of being mislead.  I thought that while our babysitter was tending to the kiddos we would just cry on the shoulders of our friends.  Instead, our friends who are oh so patient and caring helped us realize we were missing a LOT of information.  We emailed over a long list of questions and by the time we got home to talk with our babysitter about how the night went, we had a reply that cleared up a LOT of our misconceptions.

Here’s what we know:

1.  there is a lot that still remains unknown… but that’s been the case since the kiddos moved in on May 15.

2.  we remain willing… willing to keep big brother and little sister safe and to love them without holding back.

In the past 24 hours I learned just how vulnerable it is to have a blog.  I told one of my sisters it’s like standing in front of a mirror naked and people just walking by. After seeing the traffic reports I realized there are a lot of people who are reading our story.  About 10% of them – 1 in every 10 people – are liking the posts on Facebook and about 1% are writing comments.  You might be reading our journey and feeling like you don’t have much to say, but I bet you are feeling and thinking things that would be a HUGE encouragement to our journey if you wrote a comment or sent me a message or a text.

Please remind us we are not doing this all alone.  We need your support and words of encouragement to keep pressing on.  Something tells me the fight for the future of big brother and little sister has just yet begun.

published 12/22/2014

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