How babies are born

In the past week, we started reading a kids’ devotional at breakfast.

Yesterday morning the word was “born”.

I hadn’t read beyond the word of the day so I wasn’t sure where this was going.  One of the realities of being a foster mom is I didn’t physically give birth to the children.  This is a sensitive issue to me not because I struggle with infertility – because I don’t – but because it’s a constant reminder that there is another mom in the story.  A mom that I try to talk about with kind terms even though her choices have left scars on the children I cannot take away.

I continued reading aloud to the children about how God knew their hair color and eye color before they were born.

Big brother: How do babies get out of their mommy’s belly?

Me: (long pause to decide what is appropriate to say) The mommy pushes it out.

Little sister: She poops the baby out?

Me: Not exactly. (Pause while searching for the right words.)

My thought process: We had decided early on to call body parts what they are so I figured now was a good a time as ever to talk about body parts.

The mom pushes it out of her vagina. Remember, boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. Can big brother have a baby?

Both kids: No!

Little sister: Is there a baby in my belly?

Me: No. When you are an adult you can have a baby in your belly. (Searching for the right words again.) When you are married and are an adult you can have a baby in your belly.

Little sister: Do you have a baby in your belly?

Me: No… I don’t.

Little sister: Why not?

Me: Some girls choose to have a baby in their belly – like our friend Ms. So&so. And some girls choose to have special rooms in their house so that special children that need a safe place and a loving home can live with them. Daddy and I chose to have special rooms in our house to care for children that need a safe and loving home.  Daddy and I have been praying for you two for a long time and we are so glad to have you in our house.

published 12/15/2014

Published by MarcyBursac

Marcy is an adoptive mom of a sibling pair. Adoption was her Plan A. While remote schooling her children during the pandemic, Marcy felt compassion for the remaining 120,000 U.S. children who are waiting in foster care to be adopted. Wanting to share that foster care adoption is the most affordable way to adopt with a financial cost of $0-$2,500, she wrote a book and started a podcast both called "The Forgotten Adoption Option" to find more forever families.

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    1. My words are not my own. I speak from the hearts of so many that have let me watch how they parent and from the spirit of God within me.

    1. Thanks, Erin! I hope you find the posts to be honest. It takes a village to raise children. Comments of encouragment and ideas appreciated!

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