firsts we’ve celebrated

We weren’t living together for first steps or first words.  So far, the firsts we have celebrated with little sister and big brother include… first time learning what full feels like first time drinking bubble tea first time playing hot potato first time spraying whipped cream by yourself first time learning what marriage is, whyContinue reading “firsts we’ve celebrated”

I didn’t realize I am on a list of only 25

Did you know that an equal number of babies and foster children are adopted each year?  In our country, 38% of adoptions are private (mainly infants), 37% are through foster care, and 25% are international. I couldn’t quite grasp why there are so many children stuck in foster care until I saw the data…  InContinue reading “I didn’t realize I am on a list of only 25”

10 lies people believe about foster care

This post needs no introduction.  But in the SchoolHouse Rock’s spirit – “Knowledge Is Power!” Lie #1.  The purpose of foster care is to provide permanent homes for children. Fact:    The purpose of foster care is to provide a temporary home for children until their family can be stabilize. Lie #2.  Only younger adultsContinue reading “10 lies people believe about foster care”

At some point you will be hotlined

During our foster care licensing courses (STARS classes) we were told we would be hotlined at some point.  But what we weren’t told is: How exactly the hotline process works. 1.  Someone reports a concerning behavior via the Child Protection Hotline.  The someone could be a teacher, neighbor, family member, foster parent (us), etc.  TheContinue reading “At some point you will be hotlined”

so this Friday…

is the next time the legal team is meeting.  This is the postponed meeting from December. It’s possible the team will either: (A) agree to file paperwork to get a TPR (termination of parental rights) hearing scheduled or (B) yet again grant another extension. If (A): the hearing will likely be 4-6 months down the roadContinue reading “so this Friday…”