this weekend’s agenda is pending…

Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement!  My love language is totally words of affirmation, so thank you for filling my love tank. Thanks to a fellow foster mom, a former co-worker, and our licensing worker for sharing recommendations for a child psychologist… we have an appointment a week from tomorrow forContinue reading “this weekend’s agenda is pending…”

2 Victories & 2 Brainstorms

Our licensing worker called today out of the blue and said she had a resource that can do big brother’s eval for FREE (Medicaid provider). Oh, and the opening is tomorrow afternoon. I had no idea she was trying to work a different solution. I quickly looked at my calendar and said I’ll make thatContinue reading “2 Victories & 2 Brainstorms”

an additional May visit just got added…

We were anticipating May 9 being the “goodbye” visit. Upon arrival to today’s kiddo visit with bio dad we were told the goodbye can’t take place until after the judge hears the parental rights terminiation petitions. (Say that 5 times fast!) That hearing is May 22. We knew this sequence of events but mapping outContinue reading “an additional May visit just got added…”

the hardest part of the journey for our children

A few years ago my dad gave me a dry erase calendar on Christmas.  It’s one of those with a small, rectangular cork section at the bottom. At the beginning of every month I wipe the writing clean and plot our family’s schedule… gymnastics… therapy… church… and any night’s my husband or I are workingContinue reading “the hardest part of the journey for our children”

totally didn’t anticipate any of this…

TGIF couldn’t be more appropriate this week. Yesterday I received news that bio mom was released from prison.  My immediate reaction… as was my husband’s… was “What?!” In case you are fuzzy on the details (because there are so many) she was supposed to be in for 4 months with a release date of July-ish.Continue reading “totally didn’t anticipate any of this…”

One signature down! // One to go!

Holy Wow (not a typo) folks!!! Bio dad signed papers today!!!!!!!! And oddly but necessary… I was asked to sign as a witness. Wasn’t expecting that and in case you’re wondering I had to list my address. Awkward. I was advised to use my work address. So what’s next? Bio mom’s lawyer is going toContinue reading “One signature down! // One to go!”

She said yes…

We had a 30-minute call with the team and bio family today and it was brought up that bio dad signed the consent to terminate his parental rights.  The topic was broached with bio mom about her predicament and rights… apparently there is a statute that states that if a parent involuntarily (not by choice)Continue reading “She said yes…”