I didn’t realize I am on a list of only 25

Did you know that an equal number of babies and foster children are adopted each year?  In our country, 38% of adoptions are private (mainly infants), 37% are through foster care, and 25% are international. I couldn’t quite grasp why there are so many children stuck in foster care until I saw the data…  InContinue reading “I didn’t realize I am on a list of only 25”

10 lies people believe about foster care

This post needs no introduction.  But in the SchoolHouse Rock’s spirit – “Knowledge Is Power!” Lie #1.  The purpose of foster care is to provide permanent homes for children. Fact:    The purpose of foster care is to provide a temporary home for children until their family can be stabilize. Lie #2.  Only younger adultsContinue reading “10 lies people believe about foster care”

so this Friday…

is the next time the legal team is meeting.  This is the postponed meeting from December. It’s possible the team will either: (A) agree to file paperwork to get a TPR (termination of parental rights) hearing scheduled or (B) yet again grant another extension. If (A): the hearing will likely be 4-6 months down the roadContinue reading “so this Friday…”

no one could tell me what to expect

As the end of my third trimester of this journey approaches, there are several things I’ve learned along the way and there are other things that… let’s just say I’m asking for prayer on how to be prepared.  Maybe someone should write “What To Expect When You’re Adopting Through Foster Care” as a compliment to “WhatContinue reading “no one could tell me what to expect”

it might be time for another flow chart.

We gained a handful of insights today that clarified some additional steps to our process.  In short, it’s feasible that between now and December we will be waiting for the legal process to unfold. Now is not a time for our family to feel overwhelmed with fear or doubt.  Instead we are praying to beContinue reading “it might be time for another flow chart.”

insert any four letter word

(This post reads like Mad Libs.) For those of you who have known me for awhile, your mouth might have just dropped seeing the title.  My dad says that certain four letter words are great for relieving stress. The first part of this week I was able to distract myself from the upcoming weekend reality byContinue reading “insert any four letter word”

why we said “no” to the potential of a half sibling

When you express interest in adopting a sibling set, sooner or later someone asks you … “So if the bio parent(s) has another child(ten) would you be willing to be a resource?” My husband and I digested this question last spring and at the time our answer was, “We’d be willing to discuss it.”  AtContinue reading “why we said “no” to the potential of a half sibling”

that little piece of paper in my prayer box

MIGHT BE ANSWERED. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^ that’s me bursting with excitement in my heart!!!) I mentioned back in February that I have this tiny piece of paper in a prayer box that a friend gave me… it reads “big brother and little sister to be adopted by May 2015″. My husband and I learned today that bioContinue reading “that little piece of paper in my prayer box”