a soggy tissue and a firm high five

There are moments in life when you feel a sense of relief when a friend breaks up with someone who totally treated them like trash.  And then there are moments when you’re the person who was broken up with and you weep surprised that you were broken up with at all. Maybe these feelings areContinue reading “a soggy tissue and a firm high five”

anticipating the surprise…

*MILESTONE ALERT* My partner and I signed the first set of papers tonight that get us one step closer to getting the adoption hearing schedule!!  Lord-willing, the 45 day timer will start in the next week. AND as it turns out… we should be able to move the adoption hearing to earlier in August.  Yes,Continue reading “anticipating the surprise…”

I surrender.

This week has been filled with wavering emotions by the hour.  I’m fortunate to have running partners who are helping me process and prepare for this coming weekend.  Likewise, my life partner is riding this out with me arm in arm as are my wonderful co-workers. I’ve had moments of anger thinking about how onContinue reading “I surrender.”

“I didn’t want to tell you…”

We took our first family vacation last week. Parts were magical.  Parts were carefree. Parts were full of teaching big brother and little sister what a vacation is… it’s about resting, having fun, and trying new things. We stayed on a private 60-acre lake and spent waking hours fishing, boating, swimming, and also make s’mores.Continue reading ““I didn’t want to tell you…””