3 things that keep me up at night

Bio family concerns I wonder how bio mom and dad must feel to know their children may not return to their arms.  Sometimes I am angry at their decisions.  Sometimes I just want to jump in and help them make better decisions in the future.   Sometimes I ponder if we adopt what communication withContinue reading “3 things that keep me up at night”

The lifetime impact of tomorrow’s decision explained

When I started this blog, I made a commitment to myself to share our story as out loud as we could while protecting identities and by protecting what the children might read down the road.  In light of tomorrow’s meeting, I feel like I should share with you how what happens tomorrow impacts our heartsContinue reading “The lifetime impact of tomorrow’s decision explained”

and the timeline increases…

Option A didn’t happen today.  But neither did option B. Instead not enough evidence was found and a new meeting is set for Fri. Feb. 6, 2015. At first, the communication was unclear and vague as to if the children were moving back with bio mom.  That stung.  That resulted in me in a lotContinue reading “and the timeline increases…”

if I were to make a BuzzFeed video

I would share brief dialogue clips from conversations we have had with others in 2014. When my husband and I went through the licensing process to become an adoptive home for children in foster care, we learned that a good portion of our role is to educate… might I say “re-educate”… the general public. ThereContinue reading “if I were to make a BuzzFeed video”

10 lies people believe about foster care

This post needs no introduction.  But in the SchoolHouse Rock’s spirit – “Knowledge Is Power!” Lie #1.  The purpose of foster care is to provide permanent homes for children. Fact:    The purpose of foster care is to provide a temporary home for children until their family can be stabilize. Lie #2.  Only younger adultsContinue reading “10 lies people believe about foster care”

no one could tell me what to expect

As the end of my third trimester of this journey approaches, there are several things I’ve learned along the way and there are other things that… let’s just say I’m asking for prayer on how to be prepared.  Maybe someone should write “What To Expect When You’re Adopting Through Foster Care” as a compliment to “WhatContinue reading “no one could tell me what to expect”

it might be time for another flow chart.

We gained a handful of insights today that clarified some additional steps to our process.  In short, it’s feasible that between now and December we will be waiting for the legal process to unfold. Now is not a time for our family to feel overwhelmed with fear or doubt.  Instead we are praying to beContinue reading “it might be time for another flow chart.”