this weekend’s agenda is pending…

Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement!  My love language is totally words of affirmation, so thank you for filling my love tank. Thanks to a fellow foster mom, a former co-worker, and our licensing worker for sharing recommendations for a child psychologist… we have an appointment a week from tomorrow forContinue reading “this weekend’s agenda is pending…”

2 Victories & 2 Brainstorms

Our licensing worker called today out of the blue and said she had a resource that can do big brother’s eval for FREE (Medicaid provider). Oh, and the opening is tomorrow afternoon. I had no idea she was trying to work a different solution. I quickly looked at my calendar and said I’ll make thatContinue reading “2 Victories & 2 Brainstorms”

the hardest part of the journey for our children

A few years ago my dad gave me a dry erase calendar on Christmas.  It’s one of those with a small, rectangular cork section at the bottom. At the beginning of every month I wipe the writing clean and plot our family’s schedule… gymnastics… therapy… church… and any night’s my husband or I are workingContinue reading “the hardest part of the journey for our children”

totally didn’t anticipate any of this…

TGIF couldn’t be more appropriate this week. Yesterday I received news that bio mom was released from prison.  My immediate reaction… as was my husband’s… was “What?!” In case you are fuzzy on the details (because there are so many) she was supposed to be in for 4 months with a release date of July-ish.Continue reading “totally didn’t anticipate any of this…”

She said yes…

We had a 30-minute call with the team and bio family today and it was brought up that bio dad signed the consent to terminate his parental rights.  The topic was broached with bio mom about her predicament and rights… apparently there is a statute that states that if a parent involuntarily (not by choice)Continue reading “She said yes…”

so I have this penpal…

She is in her 70s and she lives across the state. She and her husband – who both have wonderful unique names – live on a farm.  On the opposite side of the state. [In case you’re super curious… her name is Velda and her husband’s is Garold <— correct spelling, rhymes with Harold) SheContinue reading “so I have this penpal…”

34 days until the goodbye visit

So what exactly is going on in our home and hearts right now? As our kids would say, “A little bit of this, and a little bit of that.” Name Writing Big brother has been practicing spelling his first and last name for a full year now.  Although, if asked, he knows his first nameContinue reading “34 days until the goodbye visit”

“She signed”

I read these exact words as a text this afternoon and immediately jumped up from my desk with cheerleader style “woo!” arms. I hugged the other women on my team one by one and we celebrated and reviewed the next steps.  What a milestone. (No, I was never a cheerleader but my high school crossContinue reading ““She signed””

3 more Fridays…

This week marked a pretty big and unexpected milestone.  The kids have their adopted first and last name on a printed document!! Pool passes. Okay… so it’s not a legal document, but it is something furnished by another party that has big brother and little sister’s NAMES on them. Pardon me while I do aContinue reading “3 more Fridays…”

a soggy tissue and a firm high five

There are moments in life when you feel a sense of relief when a friend breaks up with someone who totally treated them like trash.  And then there are moments when you’re the person who was broken up with and you weep surprised that you were broken up with at all. Maybe these feelings areContinue reading “a soggy tissue and a firm high five”