The lifetime impact of tomorrow’s decision explained

When I started this blog, I made a commitment to myself to share our story as out loud as we could while protecting identities and by protecting what the children might read down the road.  In light of tomorrow’s meeting, I feel like I should share with you how what happens tomorrow impacts our heartsContinue reading “The lifetime impact of tomorrow’s decision explained”

and the timeline increases…

Option A didn’t happen today.  But neither did option B. Instead not enough evidence was found and a new meeting is set for Fri. Feb. 6, 2015. At first, the communication was unclear and vague as to if the children were moving back with bio mom.  That stung.  That resulted in me in a lotContinue reading “and the timeline increases…”

so this Friday…

is the next time the legal team is meeting.  This is the postponed meeting from December. It’s possible the team will either: (A) agree to file paperwork to get a TPR (termination of parental rights) hearing scheduled or (B) yet again grant another extension. If (A): the hearing will likely be 4-6 months down the roadContinue reading “so this Friday…”

another bittersweet milestone.

My life partner is across the state tonight.  He just arrived at our friends’ house.  He’ll get a a little sleep and then make the rest of the trek in the morning to be at big brother and little sister’s permanency hearing.  (I have a work project that leaves me in town until the endContinue reading “another bittersweet milestone.”

why we said “no” to the potential of a half sibling

When you express interest in adopting a sibling set, sooner or later someone asks you … “So if the bio parent(s) has another child(ten) would you be willing to be a resource?” My husband and I digested this question last spring and at the time our answer was, “We’d be willing to discuss it.”  AtContinue reading “why we said “no” to the potential of a half sibling”

that little piece of paper in my prayer box

MIGHT BE ANSWERED. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^ that’s me bursting with excitement in my heart!!!) I mentioned back in February that I have this tiny piece of paper in a prayer box that a friend gave me… it reads “big brother and little sister to be adopted by May 2015″. My husband and I learned today that bioContinue reading “that little piece of paper in my prayer box”

my attitude explained.

You might have read the recent update and wondered, “Why isn’t Marcy much happier with the outcome?”  You’re so receptive because I do typically exude exclamation. It’s because bio dad requested a May visit so that he could celebrate little sister’s birthday – which is in late May. My interpretation on how this would comeContinue reading “my attitude explained.”

the hardest part of the journey for our children

A few years ago my dad gave me a dry erase calendar on Christmas.  It’s one of those with a small, rectangular cork section at the bottom. At the beginning of every month I wipe the writing clean and plot our family’s schedule… gymnastics… therapy… church… and any night’s my husband or I are workingContinue reading “the hardest part of the journey for our children”

totally didn’t anticipate any of this…

TGIF couldn’t be more appropriate this week. Yesterday I received news that bio mom was released from prison.  My immediate reaction… as was my husband’s… was “What?!” In case you are fuzzy on the details (because there are so many) she was supposed to be in for 4 months with a release date of July-ish.Continue reading “totally didn’t anticipate any of this…”