it might be time for another flow chart.

We gained a handful of insights today that clarified some additional steps to our process.  In short, it’s feasible that between now and December we will be waiting for the legal process to unfold. Now is not a time for our family to feel overwhelmed with fear or doubt.  Instead we are praying to beContinue reading “it might be time for another flow chart.”

an additional May visit just got added…

We were anticipating May 9 being the “goodbye” visit. Upon arrival to today’s kiddo visit with bio dad we were told the goodbye can’t take place until after the judge hears the parental rights terminiation petitions. (Say that 5 times fast!) That hearing is May 22. We knew this sequence of events but mapping outContinue reading “an additional May visit just got added…”

the hardest part of the journey for our children

A few years ago my dad gave me a dry erase calendar on Christmas.  It’s one of those with a small, rectangular cork section at the bottom. At the beginning of every month I wipe the writing clean and plot our family’s schedule… gymnastics… therapy… church… and any night’s my husband or I are workingContinue reading “the hardest part of the journey for our children”

One signature down! // One to go!

Holy Wow (not a typo) folks!!! Bio dad signed papers today!!!!!!!! And oddly but necessary… I was asked to sign as a witness. Wasn’t expecting that and in case you’re wondering I had to list my address. Awkward. I was advised to use my work address. So what’s next? Bio mom’s lawyer is going toContinue reading “One signature down! // One to go!”