About Marcy

Adoption was my Plan A.

My husband and I adopted a biological sibling pair.

While remote schooling my children during the pandemic, I began to see a gap between adults with a desire to adopt and the 115,000 adoptable children within the United States. 

With a heart for those children and a deep desire to take action, I wrote a book for adults (The Forgotten Adoption Option: A How-To and Self-Reflection Guide for Pursuing Foster Care Adoption) and launched a podcast (The Forgotten Adoption Option Podcast).

Last year I reigned as USOA Mrs. Ohio 2022 and I began formally serving as an ambassador for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

After placing in the Top 16 at the United States of America’s Mrs. Pageant and winning the People’s Choice Award, I selected my family’s foster care adoption partner – the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption – to receive my award proceeds of $3,000.

Then I published a children’s book Are You a Forever Family?, was selected as a 2022 Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute Angels in Adoption Honoree and I launched an app (The Forgotten Adoption Option App) to teach future forever families how to get licensed to adopt through foster care.

This November, I am publishing a new resource of real life stories called “What to Know When You Adopt Through Foster Care”.

My heart is to help every waiting child be with their forever family. If you have any questions about the process or are wondering if you are even qualified to adopt, please reach out using the social media icons found below. I intentionally carve out time each week to encourage and teach people just like you.

Let’s help waiting children together.